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Frequently asked questions


Simply click the ‘Sign Up’ icon from the menu bar and complete the short registration form to gain full access.
You will need to register to gain full access to the site. Once you have full access you will be able to view all areas of the site, with the ability to browse and invest in projects
We offer a range of projects from our partner property developers. Opportunities are available across various locations, ranging from affordable housing units to luxury apartments. Each project has the investment term length outlined and includes a detailed plan.
The minimum investment with Club Intu is just £1000 into any of the available opportunities of your choice.


To invest you must have first completed our full KYC check, agreed to our terms and conditions and be over 18 years of age.
Yes, the choice of which project to invest in is completely up to you.
We believe that there is no greater potential than the potential of Africa. With economic advances and development on a global scale, Africa holds massive opportunity. This great opportunity stems from Africa's capacity to catch-up with the rest of the World.
Yes, most certainly! You can invest your money into any project we have to offer.
The completion of the project is completely the responsibility of our partner property developer. As an investor you will have full ownership, of any development resulting from the project, through our SPV model.


You can easily pay for an investment after topping up your e-wallet by using a debit or credit card. With funds in your wallet you can select an investment and complete the process with our ‘click to invest’ feature.
Please note that this payment process is under development and we are currently operating under a bank transfer method. Please call for any additional information

Before the property is fully funded your money will be held in a secure ring-fenced escrow account. This money will not be touched until the opportunity is fully funded and the project is ready to be started.

No there are no hidden fees. Investors can register for an account at no cost.


Investment terms will vary for each project depending on the size and time length to completion. All projects will clearly state the investment term length and some projects may included a rental agreement term, which will also be clearly outlined.

Yes most definitely. You will be kept up to date with monthly status updates via email, which will include photos of the development progress. You will always have 24hr access to your personal dashboard, which will show details of your investment, projections and status update notes.

You will receive your share certificate up to 7 working days after the project is fully funded. It is only once a project is fully funded that your investment is finalised.

At the end of the investment term the sale of the developed unit will mean that returns plus project will be shared and distributed to your Club Intu wallet. You will then be able to transfer your money to your bank account or keep in the wallet for further investment.

Yes you can. Club Intu allow investments to be made from any country directly into African projects subject to completing KYC.

Return on Investment

Yes. But please note that the investment you make in the property will be locked until the “Term” of the investment is completed. Upon completion of the term, the asset will be liquidated and investors will receive their principle along with any capital gain or loss. You will not be able to cash-out before the completion of the term.

Club Intu have worked to calculate returns based on the price of the investment, the current market price, geographical location of the property development and expected increase in price in line with market trends.

If a property bought today is sold three years later at a higher price, we try and calculate that price and give investors an idea of the amount their investment can bring them at the time of maturity of the investment. We are completely transparent and each investment will display estimated yields, projected returns and also any known fees, costs and expenses. From this we calculate your estimated net yield, which will be displayed on your personalised dashboard page in your account.

Of course, the performance of any property development depends on market conditions and property prices can go down as well as up. Each property development has different potential net returns. In addition, each property may incur additional, unknown costs and expenses that will be paid for by the SPV.
Using our online Investment Calculator will give you a good indication of what your returns could be.

When the sale of a property is complete, your original investment, any capital growth and the rental income from the last month will be paid securely into your Club Intu wallet . The remaining provision fund balance in the SPV's account will also be paid out. From here, you can easily withdraw it or invest it into another set of property developments on our site. You will be regularly updated on the status of your investment during the sales process and further information will also be available on your dashboard.

Shareholder Rights

At Club Intu following a successful investment, you will become a shareholder in a SPV, which has been set up to make an investment in your selected development and manage the property development structure.

As a shareholder you have a right to vote on a number of key decisions that impact the investment, such as the approval of fees, disbursements and expenses made by the company, the frequency of management information, extension of the investment term and sale of the investment (listed as restricted matters in the SPV’s articles of association).

You may also propose other matters to vote on where at least 10% of shareholders support the proposal.

Risk warning: Investments may carry risks to your capital. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns may vary.