Direct investment into innovative and affordable housing projects across emerging economies, in partnership with the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) programme to improve the living conditions in some of the most overpopulated areas in Nigeria.

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Make impactful investments into social good projects.


Affordable housing and community projects


Competitive returns.

Plot Peer Process

This is where you become a PlotPeer investor!


Your funds are held in your own escrow account until you're ready to select your investment


Our property investment platform allows you to review your monthly rental income, property performance and sale returns.


Now that's how you define the world as well as your pockets! A regular income and capital appreciation makes being a PlotPeer member a smart investment choice

Plot Peer Features

PlotPeer work with community leaders and housing association partners to bring you trusted projects such as the Lagos Low Cost Student Accommodation Mission.

Blockchain in Real Estate

utilizing blockchain technology PlotPeer can ensure secure lending against all of our developed properties.

Secure Investment

Our blockchain partner aggregates land and credit data against all of our properties to create an easy lending process whilst providing the ultimate security for PlotPeer investors.

Emerging Economies

Make a socially impacting investment in emerging markets, building affordable housing for all.

Data Driven Analytics

Stay up to date with the performance of your investments real time, with complete workflow, CRM and technology integration


Manage your investments online with our interactive dashboard.


Global Portfolio

Shape the future of Africa housing

Investment round 1

Investment Period                                     2 years
Investment Term                                     17 months
Projected Returns                                     17.18%
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Investment round 1

Investment Period                                     3 years
Investment Term                                     26 months
Projected Returns                                     15.0%
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Investment round 1

Investment Period                                     3 years
Investment Term                                     18 months
Projected Returns                                     17.39%
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